22 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

22 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

Top 22 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business!

If there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard of   Twitter, they need to wake up! Basically, Twitter is a social networking site that specializes in Tweets. What are Tweets? Easy: They’re half-blogs and half instant messages! Tweeting is also known as microblogging, whereby the post (or message) should be less than 140 characters.

If you’re using Twitter for customer engagement strategy purposes, you can add value to your tweets by encompassing links to useful websites, videos and so on. Basically, a tweet is supposed to be a reply to the question: “What are you doing?” After all the new social networking websites, I was quite fed up and decided to ignore Twitter. However, I have now come to realize that Twitter is one of the best platforms for social networking online today! In fact, since Twitter updates Tweets immediately and is interfaced on the phone, it is now possible to reach your followers at any time during the day!

Apart from using Twitter as a personal and professional tool, it can also be used for safety purposes! You might have heard of the youth who Twittered to get himself out of one Egyptian jail. If you haven’t, check this out! Chances are, you’ll never be in an Egyptian jail, but you can still use Twitter to let your family know where you can be found at any given moment! I give you 21 reasons as to why I’m a twit and you should be too!

22 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

Twitter for Business Purposes

1) Get exposure for your real estate blog and increase traffic to it!

2) Build a marketing network with integrity, transparency and trust.

3) Market your real estate business efficiently

4) Answer and Get answers to questions within your field

5) Get exposed to other professionals from your field and learn new stuff!

6) Share resources and helpful tips

7) Organize meetings with potential clients (and friends)

8) Connect in conferences for social and business purposes

9) Look for other real estate professionals who are currently having special projects

10) For Safety – when you’re traveling to business meets in other cities and unknown locations

11) Twitter helps understand the foundation of social media networking.

Twitter for Personal Pleasure

1) Learn something new about your friends

2) Share motivational songs to help (me) lose weight!

3) See pictures of friends: wacky holiday ones.

4) Exchange fun links to amazing sites and funny blogs

5) Share the latest news and events, including the latest gossip!

6) Share new and fun recipes

7) Send tweets on the crazy stuff you’re doing (Bungee jumping)

8) Tweeting to pass the time on long commutes

9) Makes you wake up (is this what I want to do with my life?)

10) It’s FREE!

If you want to be a cool twit, this is what you have to do:

–   Be yourself at all times. Don’t distort your personality.

–   Be aware of what you’re tweeting about. Trips to the bathroom are a complete no-no as are quips about your wallpaper.

–   Intermingle with folks who interest you and have something in common with you. If you’re a real estate professional, you might find it worth your while to interact with other real estate professionals.

–   Be nice and follow all the twits who have been following you, unless of course, they spam!

–   Avoid over-tweeting. Nobody annoys me as much as someone who over-tweets. I don’t have to mention you, you know who you are!         –   Add Twitter widgets to your blog, so that you can receive new tweets even when you’re working on your blog!

–   Don’t air your dirty laundry on Twitter. Don’t bring your personal issues into Twitter, it’s very embarrassing.

–   Creativity rules on Twitter, so try to be as creative and fun as you can.

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